Alabama Legislature Passes Near Ban on Abortion

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Alabama bans abortion

Embryo photo by Lunar Caustic

Woke up this morning to a litany of leftists throwing tantrums about the small southern state of Alabama flipping all its middle fingers to the elitist blue states which have turned up the heat on baby killing. Alabama’s legislature has passed a ban on nearly all abortions, the bill now sits with the anti-abortion Governor Kay Ivey. Buckle up, babes. Keep all hands, elbows, knees, toes and any other digits you don’t want chopped off by a “doctor” inside the vehicle. It’s going to be a bumpy ride:

The legislation would make performing an abortion a felony at any stage of pregnancy with almost no exceptions. The passage Tuesday by a wide margin in the GOP-led Senate shifts the spotlight to Gov. Kay Ivey, a fixture in Alabama politics who’s long identified as anti-abortion.

Twits like AOC are freaking out about the “no exceptions” thing. But tell me, what’s the difference in the procedure and the results of the procedure from an abortion performed on a baby conceived in rape vs. not conceived in rape? I’ll wait.

The bill would make performing an abortion a felony punishable by up to 99 years or life in prison for the abortion provider. The only exception would be when the woman’s health is at serious risk. Under the bill, women seeking or undergoing abortions wouldn’t be punished.

So as I understand it, the bill punishes the people holding the forceps, flipping the vacuum switch, and scraping out the “contents of the uterus.” The bill, as I understand it, does not punish the woman having the “contents of the uterus” sucked out of her. Related: No, You Sick F*cks, It’s Not Compassionate to Abort Your Baby.

Also, even if this bill said “okay, except for rape and okay, except for incest,” the left would still have all the hissy fits. Exceptions are what they rely upon for sympathy, but the left loves abortion across all reasons. Alabama’s legislature may have gleaned this little factoid and just said to hell with it. Baby killing is wrong, for whatever reason. No more.

Yes, I also think Alabama is making moves to one day overturn Roe v. Wade. I’m not sorry about it.


Source: Louder With Crowder


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