WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Exposes the Left’s Radical Climate Agenda

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Leftists are still hurt in the butt that President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord. Which was literally supposed to kill us all (see Trump Pulls USA Out of Paris Climate Agreement. Liberals MELT DOWN! and North Korea Calls USA ‘Selfish’ for Escaping Paris Climate Agreement). So Nancy Pelosi called a vote to say the president wasn’t allowed to withdraw. Enter Rep. Dan Crenshaw. The Ayatollah of Owning Libs.

He, of course, voted no. And took to the YouTubes to explain why.

What would a 28% cut in emissions by 2025 actually look like? The short answer, it would drastically alter the energy sources we depend on every day. It would cut jobs, close factories, dramatically increase utility costs, decrease economic production, and ruin our ability to create new green energy solutions like carbon capture technology. This is a huge burden just to get very, very little in return.

I wish more on the right would be like Crenshaw. He does two really important things here. First, he gives specific examples of what has and hasn’t worked, without surrendering the issue to the left. The left will say they are the only ones with solutions. A point the right has a habit of conceding. Crenshaw makes a point of saying both sides are concerned about the same things. Except leftists’ solutions are usually terrible.

Secondly, he talks to more than just the “Fox News” audience. It’s easy to take any issue, turn it into a ten-word catchphrase, then cut to commercial. The congressman talks to the country as a whole. That includes everyone in the middle and even some on the left. That’s the way we win. By convincing more people we’re right. Not by telling people who already agree with us we’re right.


Source: Louder With Crowder


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