LGBT Publication Accuses Trump Supporters of Hating Lesbian Soccer Star. They Respond

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

We at Louder with Crowder talk a lot about fake news. Peeps in the media, lefties in particular, have a tendency to pull their stories from their rectums. As opposed to, you know, maintaining a standard of factual accuracy. Just take this article from an LGBT publication for example:

Republican pundits eager to praise Women’s World Cup soccer star Kelley O’Hara received a rude awakening when cameras caught her smooching her girlfriend in the stands.

Following the big win by the American team at the World Cup Finals, O’Hara received praise for picking up an American flag which had accidentally fallen to the field. Fox News’ Walid Phares called O’Hara a “new American heroine.” The network even ran a story on O’Hara’s teammates Megan Rapinoe and Allie Long dropping and accidentally stepping on the flag. Rapinoe, in particular, has hotly criticized Donald Trump’s anti-LGBTQ policies.

As the far right singled out O’Hara for praise, few pundits noticed that after picking up the flag, she rushed across the field to her girlfriend and locked lips.

Surely, there should be a whole crap ton of Trump supporters bashing soccer lady. Right? Wrong.

How bout that ratio?

Michael Scott Office Laughing

Michael Scott Office Laughing

See, this is the fake news we’re always talking about. Methinks the writers of this piece have spoken to a total of zero MAGA people. Which would explain the near-universal “what the f**k” responses to their sucktastic story.

This is the same level of dumbassery as the left’s claims against Mike Pence. According to lefties, Mikey is on a quest to forcefully purge the gay from fancy lads using nipple clamps and a battery charger. All these years later and they’ve still yet to produce a quote from Pency to support such a claim.

I’m sure you can find a few anti-gay folks on the right. I don’t contest that. Though, as the responses to this publication show, most of us couldn’t care any less about which gender this broad prefers to locks lips with. Believe it or not, some conservatives are gay too. Shocking, I know:


Source: Louder With Crowder


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