Whoopi Goldberg: ‘We didn’t call for impeachment after the election!’ Here’s Video of Whoopi Suggesting Impeachment from 2016.

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It’s just not The View’s week. First Tulsi spanked them, then Donald Trump Jr. took ownership of the entire panel. In one of those heated exchanges, Kimberly Guilfoyle, senior adviser to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, pointed out The View called for the impeachment of Donald Trump as early as the DAY AFTER Trump was elected. Makes sense, considering everyone else in the leftist media did the same. Whoopi Goldberg vehemently denied anyone said such a thing.

Well isn’t this awkward. According to the video below, Whoopi is the one who called for Trump’s impeachment all the way back in November of 2016.

Aw, don’t you just love the internet? Moment’s like this make me even glad we have Twitter.

It’s been a good day for the conservative movement. I’d say a good 24 hours. Not a good 24 hours for The View, but when you dabble in lies, propaganda, and smear campaigns, it’s just not that surprising people who’ve been the object of those smear campaigns fight back.

Which is how I want to close this post. Don Jr. and Tulsi Gabbard both appeared on The View. They both fought back, not just defending themselves, but going on offense. Don Jr., as a result, pretty much owned the news cycle today. Not to be outdone by what ABC and CBS did to the whistleblower on the Epstein Coverup. But we’ll get back to that tomorrow. America is America because our fore fathers and mothers weren’t content to just lie down and take it. Fighting back is part of our greater American character. So when Americans see fighters pushing back on shit like what The View pulled, America stands behind them.

The GOP needs to be taking notes. Diligent notes.


Source: Louder With Crowder


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