James Younger, Left to Choose His Gender, Goes to School as a Boy

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A sentence about someone named James “choosing” to be a boy is as revolutionary as writing “rain falls from the sky.” “Tacos are delicious.” “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” But because it’s James Younger (see WATCH: Toddler James Younger Tells His Dad “Mommy Says I’m a Girl” and BREAKING: Judge Rules in James Younger Case, Father Receives Joint Conservatorship) we’re here to celebrate all that should be obvious. Since his crazy mother wished for him to be a girl. So much so that she wanted to start James on life-altering hormones.

Suck it, mom.

Basically, James just BTFOed his psychotic mother. That’s an acronym for “blown the f*** out,” symbolizing beating someone badly at something. Remember fam, the Urban Dictionary is your friend.

It’s one thing to push a political agenda on your kids by telling them one side of the aisle is good and the other side of the aisle wants to ban Halloween candy. It’s another thing altogether when your agenda is forcing a seven-year-old boy to live his life as a girl. To the point you’re forcing hormones on him like Flintstone vitamins. Why? Because one time he said he wanted to be a cartoon character that happens to be a girl. Nevermind he wanted to be an animation. Everyone just skipped over that. No one tried dressing him in vibrant jewel colors and outlining him in thick black ink.

Look at that picture. Does that look like a kid who is unhappy with who he is on the inside? There are leftists who think yes.

There’s nothing wrong with being a boy. Nor is there anything wrong with being a girl. It’s just the two are not interchangeable, no matter how badly one parent wishes a child had been born with a front hole instead of a dingle. We can’t be chemically castrating our children or screwing with their fragile, malleable minds just because mom, dad or both are fucking assholes.

Dang it, looks like my censor button is on the fritz.


Source: Louder With Crowder


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