British Mother Convicted of Sending ‘Offensive Tweets’ to Transgender Women

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Let’s get all the standard disclaimers out of the way right now: calling people mean names is mean. Harassment is mean. Sending mean tweets is mean. Being mean is just mean and mean people who are mean to other people is just too much meanness in a world which just cannot tolerate all the MEAN! Thankfully the British authorities are finally doing something about mean people being mean to other people. They have convicted a woman of sending “offensive tweets” (MEAN tweets!) to a transgender woman who just couldn’t even with all the mean.

From the UK Daily Mail:

A mother-of-two who called a transgender woman a ‘pig in a wig’ has been convicted of sending offensive tweets as protestors assembled outside court.

Let’s pause. Is calling a transgender woman or any person a “pig in a wig” decent, polite behavior? No. Is it funny? Yes.

Okay, let’s continue.

Kate Scottow, 39, was today found guilty of persistently making use of a public communications network to cause annoyance, inconvenience, and anxiety to Stephanie Hayden, 48, between September 2018 and last May.

Annoyance, inconvenience and anxiety using a public communications network. Heaven preserve us.

So by that, I can call the police on robo-calls? I can call the police on some random erectile dysfunction drug company who thought a Facebook ad would just do wonders for promoting their brand to me, a woman who this problem affects in no way at all?

Of course you can’t. See, mean tweets only gets you busted if the object of your mean is that which claims to be what you are and demands you accept them or else.

By the way, tweets or messages that cross over from mean and annoying into threatening, that’s a different thing. I don’t think we’re talking about that in this case.

I doubt we’d be here if Kate Scottow sent mean tweets to a man who identified as a man. I doubt we’d be here if Kate Scottow sent mean tweets to another actual woman. We might be here if Kate sent mean tweets to someone who used a prayer rug, but then Kate wouldn’t be here either. So never mind.

Though Ms Scottow’s lawyer Diana Wilson claimed that Ms Hayden was a ‘serial complainant’ with past convictions, and had benefitted from an alleged police failure to investigate the case properly, the judge found Ms Scottow guilty.

Oh, so “Ms Hayden” who is a transgender woman (remember, transgender just means not. So a transgender woman is a not-woman and a transgender man is a not-man), has called the bobbies a few times before. Sounds like we might have a professional victim on our hands. Like a kind of hairy-legged damsel who demands the knight save it from its tower then crawls back into the tower so that it might keep crying for help to showcase what a victim it is.

In a statement, Ms Hayden said: ‘Today there are no winners. While I am satisfied with the outcome of the criminal prosecution, the fact remains that it should not have been necessary to ever complain to the police in the first place.

‘Abusing and smearing transgender people online must stop.’

The first part was right: there are no winners. “Ms Hayden” was also right to say it should’ve not been necessary to ever complain to the police. Since last I checked, Twitter has both a mute and a block button. I use the mute button almost daily. A lot of people on Twitter are stupid, dense, miss the point, troll, or are terrible in general. Oh Mute Button, how I love thee.

As I understand it, Kate Scottow, the mean tweeter, kept making more accounts in which to mean tweet at Pig in a Wig. If that’s the case, then it would be hard for Pig in a Wig to mute and block Kate over and over. Or not. As a frequent mute-button pusher, I do feel qualified to say it is rather an easy process. Maybe this would’ve been a better problem for Twitter to handle, not the British Po-Po.

The second part “abusing and smearing transgender people online must stop” isn’t going to happen if “abuse” and “smearing” is just playground insults. What actually needs to stop is transgender people insisting they want to be treated like everyone else then saying “just kidding” when they’re treated like everyone else.

We all get mocked, Pig in a Wig. Part of life, Ms. hairy butt cheeks. You think people don’t have choice words for yours truly? Au contraire.

An arrest was made at Ms Scottow’s home, where the suspect was then taken to Hatfield Police Station for questioning seven hours later.

SEVEN HOURS for someone who sat at home tweeting at someone else. That’s what we call a bit of an overreaction.

We’re talking about a woman calling a dude a pig. Who actually cares? I’ve been called so much worse, I’m sure. MUTE BUTTON. I’ve also called people much worse. Never to their face, just behind their backs. As civilized people do. That’s really where Kate went wrong. She actually believed the much ballyhooed macho talking point of “if you have something to say to me, say it to my pig face.” Oh Kate. Always, ALWAYS insult people behind their backs.

Ms Scottow’s defence, Ms Wilson, had previously told the court how the transgender woman had been before criminal courts on 11 occasions for 21 offences, and had spent six months in prison for obtaining property deception.

Her points were dismissed by Ms Hayden as ‘tittle tattle brought up to smear me’.

I’m ending on this pull quote for the sheer irony of it. Pig in a Wig has been before the court 11 times for 21 offenses, then has the audacity to accuse someone else of being a tittle tattle, which I assume is limey-speak for “tattle tale.”

Here’s the part where I tie this all up in a nice lacy bow, to be worn by ladies and those aspiring to be ladies. Being mean isn’t nice. Be nice to everyone to their face. If you have something nasty to say about someone else, make sure the someone else can’t hear you. If you do feel like you need to tell a pig in a wig they’re an ugly He-Lady and you hate them, fine, but do it in a country where free speech is an actual thing, not a societal mirage you forever chase thinking it’s real.

Adorably, Kate the mean tweeter has supporters trying to speak up for her free speech rights and her rights as a woman to be a woman and to call out fake ladies tramping on real ladies rights. Alas, we live in a time where ugly, asshole men can run the asylum and others refuse to see this kind of thing as evidence there is a patriarchy (especially the feminist whales screeching PATRIARCHY!). Patriarchy is not controlled by rich white men sitting around a giant dick-shaped table talking about boobs and butts. No, the patriarchy just seems to be transgender women telling everyone to set their hoops on fire before jumping through them. Related: FINALLY! Girls Sue to Block Transgender ‘Women’ From Competing in Girls’ Sports.

Last actual final point. I didn’t include the pictures of the fighters here so as not to violate copyrights. But Kate the mean-tweeter is a woman of robust stature. Stephanie the not-lady is a not-lady of robust stature. The transgender women movement most affects women in athletics and women with impressive girths and bone structure. So Kate the mean tweeter might have some backstory not covered in the Daily Mail article. Just my opinion.


Source: Louder With Crowder


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