Professor Calls “Paw Patrol” Harmful for Teaching Kids to Be Capitalist [VIDEO]

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Kids’ cartoons are glorified toy commercials, so much so that kids have switched to just watching other kids play with toys on YouTube. I’m not knocking this. Our cartoons when we were kids were no different. They were still entertaining AF. But glorified toy commercials. Though apparently I need to start buying more “Paw Patrol” toys for my niece and nephew. If this professor’s theory is correct, it’s a great way to teach them that capitalism is good and big government sucks.

I would argue that the Paw Patrol is a private corporation that is used to help provide basic social services in the Adventure Bay community. I think that’s kind of problematic in that the “Paw Patrol” creators are sending this message that we can’t depend on the state to provide these services…

I just think that as time goes on, children might be less likely to critique the capitalist system that causes environmental harm in the first place and reproduces inequality.

Obviously someone else was doing the research that the “PJ Masks” kids sneaking out of the house every night is a gateway to sex trafficking. Not that people are above sneaking political messages into cartoons (see Stephen Colbert Mocks Farmers with Cartoon Depicting them as Hicks and WATCH: Chilling Cartoon Warns America About Dangers of Socialism… in 1948). But this is just proof that there’s way too much free research grants being thrown around all willy-nilly.

My most favorite thing about this video is that immediately after I finish writing this, I’m off to go babysit. OBVIOUSLY, the first thing we’re watching now is “Paw Patrol” and playing with the Lookout Tower. It’s never too early to teach children that capitalism is good and statism is evil. Maybe we’ll play the game where Turbo and Skye invest in the stock market, all while mocking Mayor Humdinger’s daughter for getting a master’s in gender studies.

After that, we’ll probably switch to the Ninja Turtles, which we all know teaches kids that pollution and consumption are the leading causes for giving you kick-ass fighting skills and making you awesome.

Because as silly as all this is, that’s it. It’s silly. Kids see what’s on screen and aren’t really thinking about the bigger picture. They’re kids watching a dog cartoon. They’re in it for the dogs. Maybe we can all just chill out a second.


Source: Louder With Crowder


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