This Anti-Biden Clip Made by a Bernie Support is Brutal [VIDEO]

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Bernie Sanders supporters are really dialing up their anti-Biden campaign. It makes sense since the Democrat campaign is now down to the moron vs. the putz (see Joe Biden Celebrates Super Tuesday by Sniffing a Baby [VIDEO] and CNN Expects a Brokered Convention and That’s GREAT News for Trump [Video]). Some of the criticisms miss the mark. For example, white liberals calling a vote for Biden a “slap in the face to people of color” after black Democrats told Bernie on Super Tuesday to socialize deez nuts.

However, Biden’s shall we say less than lucid moments? Those are fair game. A Bernie Supporter did this with only his computer and ten minutes to kill.

Far be it from me to advise Democrats on who they should send into the arena with Donald Trump. Both Bernie and Biden have a multitude of weaknesses. But “Crazy” Bernie’s weakness are already baked into the cake. He’s crazy. His supporters are crazy. His supporters are crazy over the fact Bernie is crazy. Trump says “Bernie’s a socialist.” Bernie says, “You’re damn right, son!” That’s the campaign. It’s been the campaign for the past four years. Everyone knows what they’re going to get.

With Biden, most people paying marginal attention will remember him as Obama’s vice-president. “Oh, I liked him. He was nice. Unlike Trump, who is a giant jerkface.” Now comes $200,000,000.00 of advertisements calling Biden a senile old fool who is lucky he remembered his pants. Using nothing but clips from the last year. Where Biden looked like a senile old fool who is lucky he remembered his pants. Suddenly, this isn’t the Biden most people remembered.

Bernie Bros fooling around with InShot on their iPhones (yay capitalism) are already landing blows on Biden. Trump will murderize them.



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