MSNBC: Brian Williams, Maya Gay Illustrate How Hard Simple Math Can Be [Video]

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When you’re writing in your gratitude journal tonight, remember to thank the sweet Baby Jesus you’re not a stupid as either MSBNC’s Brian Williams or Maya Gay, an editorial guru over at the New York Times. What a mental gem she is. Not only did they both fail basic math, they were also too cocky and driven by narratives to consider tapping their calculator apps prior to running with this segment, sans irony. Behold, too much money in politics as illustrated by the mathematically challenged on MSNBC.

For my fellow humanities majors and any errant toddler getting a jump on that on the news, 500 million smackers divided by 327 million citizens of these United States comes out to $1.529. Since we’re not gasoline stations, $1.53. Let me type the full thing out for people confused by decimals. Hey, if you’re insulted, don’t be. See the video above. Five hundred million dollars divided by three hundred and twenty-seven million people equals one dollar and fifty-three cents.

Which means if Bloomers had paid every American instead of running for president, you might have been able to afford a donut. Maybe two donuts depending on your locale. Score.

What you wouldn’t have is a million dollars. Ever. That is unless Bloomy had decided to pick just five hundred people to give his five hundred million. Then each would get one million.

More to the point, how many people work on the 11th Hour MSNBC show? Not one thought something was up with the number crunching? I’d give Williams and Gay a pass, except they’re super serious here. I know the camera adds ten pounds but I didn’t think it subtracted a hundred IQ points.

Sure, Bloomerson dropped fat stacks just to win American Somoa, but he did get this clip which will bring smiles to faces all the live long day. So maybe it wasn’t a total wash.

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