Taylor Swift’s BTS Video of “The Man” Proves Sex is Biological

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First, I feel I owe all of my twelve fans a sincere apology: due to having to engage in other activities, I didn’t get to personally opine on Tay-Tay’s latest video foray into woke politics, also known as “The Man.” If the eleven of you who follow my career were waiting with bated breath for my opinions (which I had) on the video, I’m devastated that ten of you were whatever the word is for “barely annoyed.” Hopefully the nine of you who care were able to soldier on. For the eight of you still with me, allow me to make it up to you with my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s behind the scenes video of “The Man” where she proves the sexes are actually rather different.

After getting over how freaky-deaky it is to hear a high voice emitted from a mannish-looking thing, let’s note that Taylor Swift had to have male coaches instructing her on how to dude, in addition to the application of a muscle suit and facial prosthetics to make her appear dudely.

This point needs making because certain segments of our population, specifically the tiny segment identifying itself as “woke” tells us that gender is a social construct, isn’t binary, and we’re all as interchangeable as Jenga pieces. Based on Taylor’s recent spoken thoughts likely spoon fed to her, she is among this same community. Yet here she is, a girl taking boy tips on how to be a boy from boys. After 5 hours in hair and makeup transforming her into the physical appearance of a boy.

As it turns out, much to the chagrin of boring people the First World over, men and women are different. We look differently, walk differently, talk differently, think differently. That’s because we are different. Thank God for that. The world, first, second, third, fourth, fifth or however many we create to describe our problems, wouldn’t function if we were all the same.

So thanks, Taylor. My seven fans are happy to hear you make the case, maybe accidentally, that ladies and gentleman should continue being identified as ladies. And gentlemen.

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