Trump Has the Perfect Answer for How He Will ‘Unite’ the Country [VIDEO]

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Every presidential candidate says he or she is the only one who can unite the country. By “unite,” they really just mean the half of the country that already agrees with them. Nuts to the other half. You’re stuck for at least the next four years. Donald Trump was asked about his “controversial” rhetoric and how that unifies the country. His answer needs to keep being repeated every day from now until Election Day.

We are having the greatest year. Last year was the greatest year we’ve ever had economically. And I think the way we unite is really through success.

That’s how Trump wins re-election. That’s a message even the alleged “haters and losers” can understand (see Jim Cramer: Trump’s Economy “The Best Numbers of Our Lives” and Black Democrat Voting for Trump: ‘I Don’t Like Him, But…’ [VIDEO]). Honestly, if I were Trump, I’d go even more honest.

“Yeah, I’m an asshole. I’m not going to stop being an asshole. Now, look at your bank balance. Now, look at Trump. Look back at your bank balance. Look back at Trump. Suck it.”

Ironically enough, as I was writing this…

Sure, not “everyone” is doing well. Not “everyone” does as well as other people do all the time. Many of them are reliable Democrat voters who want the government to take money away from people who have more than they do. I’m talking to the people who are doing well, have been doing well, and have their reasons for still disliking Donald Trump, among whom I count myself. Ask yourself which matters more to you: How well your friends and family are doing? Or whether you think the president is a polite guy or not?

I think most people are going to go with the former.



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