Actor Josh Gad Has a Meltdown on Instagram Over Social Distancing [VIDEO]

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Some of us are handling social distancing better than others. I get that. For some of us, being socially distant is our default position. We were born this way. Our inability to deal with people, our choice. No one wants to get the kung flu. Everyone is handling things differently. But if the media is really expecting me to care that “my favorite celebrities” can’t handle being at home, I’ma wild out and get violent. I’m looking at you, People Magazine. You too, Josh Gad.

Seriously. Olaf, heal thyself.

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It’s okay to cry

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No. It’s is absolutely NOT okay to cry. It is not okay to cry because you have to stay in your house for a few weeks, sending your assistant out to find Purell and rolls of toilet paper. Go Skype a song with your friends. Go dry your eyes with your last Disney check while the rest of us are focused on making the best of a bad situation. You know who isn’t crying? My eight and three-year-old nieces. They’re doing their schoolwork at home, having spontaneous dance parties, and otherwise finding different ways to learn. They’re coping better than the guy who does the voice of the guy on their pajamas and pillowcases.

Pull it together, Olaf. You’re rich and famous. You have a much nicer house to be self-quarantined in than all the people you are blubbering to. In the real world, we’re all too busy trying to live our lives to feel bad for you.



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