Dan Crenshaw Highlights a Small Business Nancy Pelosi is Holding Hostage [VIDEO]

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If you are the owner of a small business, you are most likely under a lot of stress, put upon you by the government. People can debate whether or not the government shutting down business amid the pandemic all they want (see Mike Rowe Tries to Make Sense of Our Panicked Reaction to COVID-19 and George Carlin Teaches Us How to Deal with the Coronavirus Panic [VIDEO]). Small business owners did what they were told to do. They’ve been carrying the stress of supporting their families and their employees ever since. That’s why Nancy Pelosi holding up aid to these people and exploiting their stress just to push every leftist’s soggiest dream is quite frankly disgusting.

I’ll let Dan Crenshaw explain specifics, from one of the many small businesses that Nancy Pelosi is holding hostage until she gets what she wants.

I’m lucky enough to work in an industry that is relatively safe, and I work from home to begin with. I’ve been self-quarantining since before it was cool, so my life hasn’t been affected all that much. I can’t say the same for a lot of people I care about. Business owners, retail employees, people temporarily living paycheck to paycheck and busting their ass so that they didn’t have to for much longer. All of those people woke up one day and had their lives turned upside down, under orders from the government. Which, fine. This is an unprecedented time. We’re all doing what we can. No one is struggling right now because of their own carelessness. We’re struggling because we were asked to temporarily sacrifice.

All anyone asks for in return is for the government that turned everyone’s lives upside down to temporarily help out. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party would rather exploit that suffering to push a radical agenda they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Every dollar spent on one of their pet projects that has NOTHING TO DO with aid is a dollar not going to aid families.

People need to remember that in November.



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