OPINION: Coronavirus Panic is a Trojan Horse for Socialism

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We’re in week two of “sheltering in place” or “self-quarantining” whatever buzz phrase you like best. Finally we’re blinking our eyes with dawning realization that maybe this pandemic isn’t as sickly serious as was once hyped by the same media which pees itself in anticipation for hurricane season. That’s because, in my opinion, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats got greedy, thus exposing their hand. Instead of providing relief to Americans who’ve stayed at home all because their state and local governments told them to, Pelosi and her band of ugly men stuffed a relief bill with socialism fan fiction.

It’s almost like Democrats aren’t taking this virus as seriously as they sold it. It’s almost as if they ginned up panic, with the full cooperation of the media, to push big government socialism when American fears were spiked. It’s almost as if Democrats and the media ripped a few pages from global warming alarmism and just doused it with gas, since not enough people were panicking and ceding their freedoms to government in order to save the planet.

As I understood it, Congress was supposed to cut Americans a check. Because, again I must say, government told Americans the coronavirus was a flu to be taken super seriously lest hospitals run out of beds for the elderly and health compromised. So rather than just tell the elderly and health compromised to stay at home and practice “social distancing” America shut down and suddenly everyone was concerned with washing their hands.

Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac

We’ve been serious about the WuHuFlu long enough and we need to snap out of it. If you find my mocking of the Kung Flu triggering and you’re angry at me for suggesting maybe this flu isn’t as bad as shutting down a global economy, may I direct you to how climate change skeptics are treated anytime they say maybe there’s good news we’re not all going to die in 12 years if we are unwilling to give up our cheeseburgers.

Generally that’s been my experience. Tell a COVID-19 panicker to check some numbers on past flus and RAGE. IT’S WORSE THAN SWINE FLU. MORGUES WILL FILL UP. MILLIONS WILL DIE. STAY HOME AND WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER DOING NUMBER TWO.

Almost without resistance, America shut down. Americans afraid of this virus and how it would affect them and possibly kill their relatives, willingly allowed government to dictate what they should and should not do in order to “flatten the curve.” Social media companies rushed to create social campaigns with pretty logos all about staying safe at home in order not to spread the virus. Businesses shuttered, flights were canceled, travel severely restricted. What did so many people look to for answers, solutions and guidance? Government.

I’m not sure who first suggested the coronavirus panic was a test for socialism, but I’m not feeling confident in our score.

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Fortunately for us, before Americans brought the pretty wooden horse into their homes, a few cracks exposed what it really was. We’re finally asking questions, finally wondering as death t in America (at the time of this writing) are not even at one thousand, how bad this flu actually is compared to the hype we were sold and the great sacrifices millions of Americans have made for it.

All the COVID buzz phrases can go ahead and croak. What should stick in all our minds is “is the cure worse than the disease?” and how will we react, as a people, the next time media and politicians try to scare us into total submission.

~ Written by Courtney Kirchoff


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