Ted Cruz: This Many People Died While Pelosi Holds Coronavirus Aid Hostage [VIDEO]

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Everyone is doing the best they can right now. Well, most people (see And Then Madonna Talks About the Coronavirus from Her Bathtub and Actor Josh Gad Has a Meltdown on Instagram Over Social Distancing [VIDEO]). Every normal person is doing the best they can, agreeing to do what has been temporarily asked of them by the government. All Congress had to do was pass a coronavirus aid package to help out families who are struggling. So of course, Nancy Pelosi blew everything up and is exploiting Americans’ suffering for her own radical agenda. I’m not even sure it’s hers as much as she’s completely lost control of her party. Either way, never let a crisis go to waste, amirite?

No one besides Pelosi’s programmers and the mainstream media are amused. To recap what happened in Congress on Monday, here is Senator Ted Cruz going Super Saiyan on the “loyal” opposition.

How about deaths? As we look at this crisis, there are people right now gasping for breath. You and I, we have friends who have been diagnosed with this disease. We’ve read stories, we’ve talked to people who have struggled under it. …

There have been 16,381 deaths. … That’s the number now. This morning it was only 15,308. That means today, while the Democrats have been blocking this bill, 1,073 additional people died. In the United States as of this morning, there were 471 deaths reported due to coronavirus. As of right now, it’s 573. That means today, 102 Americans died while the Democrats were blocking consideration of this bill. …

Right now what the Democratic leadership is doing is they’re playing games. They’re playing games in a way that is irresponsible.

This is the New York Times headline that Cruz was talking about:

We’ll see what Tuesday brings in Washington, D.C. And see how much longer Democrats can prolong people’s suffering until they get what they want. Just keep this in mind: Every dollar spent on a leftist pet project that has nothing to do with coronavirus aid is a dollar not going to families who need the aid. Aid that is needed because those same families are doing what the people holding up the aid asked of them in the first place. Remember, it was government that asked for the shutdown, not the people.



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