Joe Biden Emerged from Hiding … Confused and with a Cough [VIDEO]

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Joe Biden. Remember that guy? He’s the presumptive Democrat nominee for president. It’s easy to have forgotten, what with the Wuhan flu having you all in check (see Mike Rowe Tries to Make Sense of Our Panicked Reaction to COVID-19 and And Then Madonna Talks About the Coronavirus from Her Bathtub). It’s possible Biden forgot he was running for president too. He’s lucky he remembers his pants half the time.

On Tuesday, Biden came out of hiding. As you see from this highlight reel of his media appearances, he may want to go back into hiding.

You really have to marvel at the position Democrats have put themselves. Their nominee checks off all the boxes that makes him a prime candidate to catch the coronavirus. Trump checks off a few boxes himself. But he also has the “bully pulpit” to remind everyone he’s there. Biden needs to stay in seclusion for the sake of his own health, which everyone besides the people being paid to work on his campaign have already noticed has deteriorated. My personal opinion is that he was just waiting to drop in the polls so that he had an excuse to drop out “for the good of the party.” Unfortunately, every other candidate sucked more.

EXIT QUESTION: OVER/UNDER on rumors of “party insiders” talking about replacing Biden as the nominee on the floor of the convention. I’m setting the date at April 17.



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