New Poll Says Americans Trust Trump More Than the Media on Coronavirus

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SOURCE: Gage Skidmore

Now is not the time for politics. We should come together during the current situation we find ourselves in. The coronavirus (see OPINION: Coronavirus Panic is a Trojan Horse for Socialism and Sorry, Coronavirus isn’t the Zombie Apocalypse You’re Hoping For) is a bipartisan disease and should be treated as such. So we should set aside politics, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Like when I see a new poll showing how Americans trust Donald Trump more than the media when it comes to the Wuhan Flu (ain’t nuthin’ to f’ with).

Forty-four percent of Americans said they trust Trump to provide accurate information about the coronavirus, while 56 percent said they didn’t trust the president.

By comparison, just 43 percent of Americans trust the national media when it comes to the coronavirus, according to the poll. A slightly larger majority—57 percent—said they didn’t trust the media’s coverage of the pandemic.

Sixty-two percent of independents said they didn’t trust the national media, while 51 percent said they thought the media was “overreacting” to the outbreak.

Obviously majorities of Americans not trusting either is concerning. But I wonder if it might be just the way things are. Thanks to various social media echo chambers, I’d be shocked if either the media or any president ever polls at 51% again. The key difference is that trust in a president usually depends on whether you like the guy. Or if he plays for your team. Trust in the media has been eroding so much, it’s multipartisan. I just invented that word.

People are looking at the media for facts about the pandemic. Instead, they get the media’s opinion on Trump. Or the media’s opinion on other media’s opinion on Trump. Things like facts and actual news? Meh.

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