ENOUGH: The COVID-19 Panic is Insane and Destroying Our Way of Life!

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Viral image courtesy of CDC

Trigger-warning: unfiltered, raw thoughts below which are entirely mine and do not represent any company or personality other than my own. Okay? Okay.

Simple solution for people terrified of getting a flu that spreads because symptoms are so mild, people aren’t even aware they’re sick: YOU stay at home, YOU quarantine yourself and YOU take personal responsibility for your own health. The rest of us need to get back to our lives, which we should not have abandoned out of “an abundance of caution” all because a few buzz phrases and social media logos were created which said we must all do our part to “flatten the curve” for a virus which, the more we learn about it, isn’t living up to the doom and gloom hype media promised it would.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Go do some research all on your own into past viruses that you were never aware of because flu season is a thing. Too many people have swallowed too many talking points from media. Maybe you’re amongst them. Do us all a favor and go find some answers that aren’t dolled out by the same people who hope every hurricane season will bring death and destruction for the sake of ratings.

For example, do you know how many people died in 2019 from the flu? 2018? 2017? No? But you know how many have been taken out by the coronavirus in 2020? Interesting!

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I’m sorry some people with pre-existing conditions and those who are way up in age are perishing from this virus. But people with pre-existing conditions and those who are way up there in age perish every year from viruses, pneumonia, slips, falls, and any other number of ways the Earth uses to ensure not a single person born lives forever.


People are losing their way of life over this pathetic illness and too many people are too afraid to speak up and confront the stampeding herd. COVID-19 panickers are following the global warming alarmism playbook to a tee. If you (or in this case, me) dare suggest that maybe COVID-19 really isn’t all that bad, the bipartisan mob douses their pitchforks in gas, lights those babies up, and guns for you.


Yes, usually in all caps. I added the last bit just to peeve off the boring who’re holding this crisis close to their hearts.

For the record, if you’re screaming or all caps typing at me right now about how I’m a terrible person for thinking maybe we shouldn’t throw out our entire way of life all because of a bad cough which will affect a tiny percent of our population who are always affected every flu season, you can kiss my glorious, back-squatting badunkadunk. But I do apologize for that run-on sentence. Also: These 3 Videos Show How Susceptible People Are to Herd Mentality.

If you want to “shelter in place” in order to “flatten the curve” because buzz phrases make you feel like you’re a part of something larger than yourself, you go right on ahead. I’m so tickled that watching a Trojan horse roll in inspires you to redecorate your home. Though I am disappointed so many conservative “thought leaders” have joined you in trying to feng shei their dwellings to accommodate the wooden horse.

It’s clear to me a number of you will refuse to have your minds changed, since you’re so committed to feeling like you’re making a difference by staying at home in your comfy clothes. Aren’t you just a hero. Yeah, this column isn’t for you… exactly. Though I did need you to read what many of us think about you.

No, this rage column is for you sane people who think this entire “crisis” is stupid and have from the start. You are not alone. It’s one thing to practice basic hygiene which we all should anyway. It’s another thing to shut down the world. What gives me faith is having met so many of you who also see the problem with this pandemic. The sane — those who don’t fall in line with the herd — are, as it turns out, some of the best people I’ve met. Jovial, kind, fun and independent. Rock on, my rebels, I raise my toilet paper in your honor.

Yes, this entire “crisis” is stupid. You are not the only one who thinks so. You are not a terrible person for feeling sad or angry to see your life disintegrating before you while virtue signaling plebes hop on social media to say they’re fine with sacrificing in order to flatten the curve.

Isn’t it amazing what a little semantic polishing will do to people?

But we’re so far in it now, I think too many people are afraid to admit maybe they went along with a mistake. So rather than saying “Oh, well, morgues aren’t filling up, the ‘facts’ are a little fluid, so maybe we should calm our flapping mammaries and get back to living” they’re doubling down.

But enough is enough. I get it, we care about our families and don’t want them to get sick and die. Sure. Fine. I don’t either. But at what cost? We take life risks every single day. This flu is so mild by comparison to other flus. It isn’t taking out people from all walks of life, just the terribly old and terribly sick. Kids, teens, adults, older adults, and adults who get mad when you say they’re old, they’re all fine. The WuHuFlu is only dangerous for a group of people who can, dare I say it again, QUARANTINE THEMSELVES!

Crazy pills

Crazy pills

Jesus, now I’m all caps yelling. You see what some of you people have reduced me to?

The worst thing people will say to me about this column is that I’m heartless. Go ahead and see if I give a tiny rat’s ass. I care about our way of life as Americans. I care about Americans losing their businesses and livelihoods they’ve built up for years, all to see it come crashing down for what? To appease the mob who’ve bought the media and government hype hook, line and sinker and are holed up in their houses with pallets of toilet paper?

I’ll risk it.

Our quality of life matters. Our jobs matter. Our community matters. I’m sorry, two to six weeks, or 18 months (if you’re in media and loooooove disaster) of this “sheltering in place” crap is beyond dangerous to how we live as a people.

It has to stop. Now.

~ Written by Courtney Kirchoff

P. S. After hearing doctors talk about the kung flu, I’m 99.9 percent sure I’ve already had it. You may have too. And there you sit, living. 


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