Pelosi’s $25 Million Dollar Check to the Kennedy Center Could Get Put Through the Shredder

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Oh, this is going to get Nancy really riled up.

According to reports, GOP Congressman Bryan Steil took direct aim at Pelosi’s pork-filled COVID-19 stimulus by introducing a bill that would rescind the $25 million Congress approved for the John F. Kennedy Center.

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Good, that junk should’ve never been approved in the first place.

Republican Wisconsin Rep. Bryan Steil introduced a bill Friday to rescind the $25 million for the Kennedy Center that was included in the $2 trillion coronavirus package, as they have laid off musicians.

Steil’s bill, which has 15 cosponsors including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, would pull the $25 million for the Kennedy Center. According to Steil, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was likely the one who had the idea for the funding for the Kennedy Center in the first place.

In a phone call with the Daily Caller, Steil said “So we were negotiating this bill. Nancy Pelosi holds up getting relief to Americans to try to get this and other things in the bill. And so the day that the House passed this bill, I drove from Janesville, Wisconsin, to Washington, D.C. to be there.”

“I spoke on the bill, spoke about how I thought the funding for the Kennedy Center was inappropriate. And then before I left Washington, D.C. to drive back home, the day we passed the bill, I dropped this bill into the hopper and introduced it to start day one. The moment after we passed a bill to begin the work of improving it and getting out of the bill, inappropriate funding. A handful of days later, after this passes and you find out that the Kennedy Center is laying people off. That’s almost the icing on the cake,” Steil continued. [The Daily Caller]

Let’s hope this bill passes.

There’s plenty of other, much more important things in America that could use $25 million in funding.

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