Reelect me because we need some new Supreme Court justices to protect conservative values

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They warned Never Trumpers in 2016 that voting for Hillary would lead to a Supreme Court that endorses gay rights and amnesty for illegals.

And they were right!

The funny thing about the president getting worked up about SCOTUS today on Twitter is that the Court is still mulling its big decision on whether Congress and the Manhattan D.A. are entitled to his financial records. That’ll come next week. He’s held back on Roberts (and Gorsuch) so far but he’s going to flip his lid if he loses there.

We should definitely give him four more years to make new Court appointments that’ll inevitably disappoint and enrage him and his base.

He realizes that he nominated Neil Gorsuch, the author of the “textualist” gay-rights decision that gave social conservatives an aneurysm this week, right? Gorsuch came from the same shortlist of conservative judicial luminaries that he’s dangling right now to try to impress righty voters in September.

Trump has a strange habit sometimes of acting like he’s not already president, especially when one of his own handpicked personnel choices betrays him somehow. There are too many examples to list here of him unloading publicly on his own former advisors as idiots and lunatics; John Bolton is just the latest example, although an unusually vivid one considering that Trump handpicked him personally because of his elan during Fox News segments. Bolton wasn’t foisted on him by the “deep state” or RINO judicial advisors from the Federalist Society. Trump went and plucked him from the media institution he trusts most and put him in charge of national security.

And now, like Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson and James Mattis and a thousand other people who’ve crossed him somehow, Bolton’s a “wacko” who had no business being in government. We need new advisors, just like we need “NEW JUSTICES” to limit the damage done by … Neil Gorsuch.

If you can’t trust the president to appoint competent, trustworthy aides and you can’t trust him to appoint reliably conservative Supreme Court justices, what good are his promises about a second term? Who cares who’s on his SCOTUS list? What’ll be different next time?

Doesn’t matter. According to FiveThirtyEight’s new state polling averages, there won’t be a next time.

A separate poll out today from the lefty outfit Change Research also found Biden leading in all major battleground states, but by narrow margins in most. It’s a testament to the loyalty of Trump’s base and the skepticism with which swing voters view Democrats that the president is competitive in the states that matter most despite the various political calamities that have befallen him lately. As goofy as it is for him to ask voters to trust him on SCOTUS nominees this week of all weeks, he understands that negative partisanship defines modern American politics. The point of waving around his SCOTUS shortlist isn’t to promise conservatives that they’ll be happy with his future Court picks, just that they’ll be … marginally more happy than they’d be with Biden’s Court picks. You’ll be disappointed and angry no matter who wins but not *as* disappointed and angry if your guy wins. Sounds like American greatness to me.

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