[VIDEO] Just Before She Perished in the Fire, Mother Throws Toddler Off 3rd-Floor Balcony Right Into the Arms of a Marine

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Oh, gosh, as a mother I watched this and I just could FEEL that woman as she willingly sacrificing herself to save her children’s lives.

And what a miracle that this man – this hero, Phillip Blanks – a Marine was visiting his buddy right at that time and was able to save this toddler by catching him mid-air.

I am so sad the mother didn’t make it.

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The retired U.S. Marine and former football player at Kalamazoo Central High School doesn’t want special recognition for helping save a 3-year-old boy from an apartment fire in Phoenix, Arizona. Blanks, a body guard today, said protecting others is just part of his job.

Blanks credits his training as a marine and security officer and instincts for his reaction.

“It was all fast, it was a blur. It was tunnel vision as I was running. I didn’t see anything but the baby.”

Blanks, 28, caught the young boy who was dropped from an apartment balcony Friday, July 3.

The boy and an 8-year-old girl were both taken to the hospital. The children’s mother died in the fire.

“As I was running, I see the baby getting ready to be tossed out of the patio,” Blanks said. “Next thing you know, he’s helicoptering in the air and I catch him.” Blanks said the child’s foot was injured in the fall but that his head and major organs were protected.

“His skin was melting off of his body,” Blanks said. “He was bleeding.”

You can watch the video below:

I pray that little boy and the little girl will be okay and heal up. I also pray they have family who can help them through this.

When I get an update on this story, I will make sure to let everyone know.


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