Dear Liz, These Shocking Numbers Are Your Official “Wakeup Call”

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Something very big happened in Texas.

Not only did the Dems get their clocks cleaned – they once again thought that they were going to turn Texas blue and take over the run-off election for a House seat – but other lessons were also learned as well.


However, the Dems didn’t even place in the top 10.

But something even more miraculous happened….The Never Trumpers like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger found out how unpopular and unliked they truly are.

The Never Trump candidate by the name of Mike Wood who Adam Kinzinger backed and who aligns with Liz Cheney’s political beliefs, didn’t just bomb…he crashed and burned.

Wood only got 3% of the vote and finished at an embarrassing 9th place.

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There was a lot of pressure on Adam Kinzinger and the Never Trumpers to have a really good showing in this election – and they failed.



On the flip side, President Trump’s candidate came in first place – well ahead of everyone else.

She will face another Republican in a run-off, and it looks like she’s got in the bag.

As for the Kinzinger’s and Cheney’s of the world, it was a catastrophic disaster and a symbolic sign to these Never Trumper’s that Trump rules this party and conservatives are done with them and their lousy America Last agenda.


Liz Cheney should look at these numbers and get a reality check…she’s done and so is her little sidekick Adam…the American people have spoken, loud and clear and we don’t want any more of THIS:

We want strong America First candidates who will do what Trump did: fight for us.

And if you can’t do that, you need to step aside.

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