Vernon Jones Tells Bannon He’s “Blown Away” by AZ Audit

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This was a US election, and everyone, no matter what political affiliation, should be chomping at the bit to do audits so that all the American people feel confident moving forward…

But oddly, that’s not the case. The left is fighting this tooth and nail and the national GOP is burying their head in the sand.

But state Reps are feeling the most heat, and they’re starting to respond and take notice.

And things are heating up, and if Vernon Jones has his way, Georgia will be next.


Jones appeared with Steve Bannon on the “War Room” where he told Steve that he was “blown away” by what they’re doing in Arizona and he wants the same thing in GA.


We had a sham election that was flooded with a tsunami of unprecedented mail-in ballots.


For anyone to act like that’s perfectly normal and nobody needs to look into anything is the biggest dead giveaway that something is totally off and needs to be investigated.

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